St Benedict's Lodge: Large Group Contract (yr.        )

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A Large Group normally consists of 30 or more people especially for weekends. A large group who schedules a retreat or a conference at St. Benedict’s receives the use of:

1. the main kitchen and dining room.

2. the meeting and recreational space of the Main Lodge (bottom floor of building B).

3. the sleeping areas of buildings A, B, and C, including the Meadow A and B rooms.

4. the “breakout” rooms Sahalie and the Library.

Providing the food and the cooking for a retreat or a conference is the responsibility of the Large Group. We can give tips of how this can be accomplished.

Our chapel is open for the use of all, but Large Group use is dependent on our normal Church schedule of Mass and prayer times, which times, of course, are always open to all.



1. RATES as of Jan. 2016 - $2 more per category - our first price raise since 2011 :

      The normal Large Group Rate (no linens) is:

      $28 per night per adult (18 and older)

     $23 per person under 18 per night

     Free for children 12 and under

For linens - One time extra charge of $10 per person receiving them.




GROUP NAME: __________________________________


CONTACT PERSON: ____________________                  WORK. PHONE _____________


STREET ADRESS ______________________                   CELL PHONE ________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP ___________________________


Estimated # in your group   ____________                      e-mail ___________________________


Arrival Date                        Arrival time:


Departure Date                         Departure time:                (Not after1:00 pm Sunday unless cleared.)

(A new Health Law – requires us to have a contact list of all who attend a retreat or conference for tracing any medical threats. Please have such a list to us by the time you depart.)


a. List other retreats scheduled for same academic year for your group if covered by this same contract:


b. any special requests:







      For economy, we suggest that large groups only reserve the extra rooms they need. These extra rooms are described in the Private Retreat link on the home page. The Bede house complex is closest to where the large groups are housed. Note that Meadow A & B, Sahalie, and the Library already provide your group with ground floor, convenient bathroom, and handicap accessible options.

     The following rooms come with their own linens and have their own bathrooms, and they are handicapped accessible except for River and Cascade. Put a check next to the extra rooms you want to schedule and indicate the number of people likely to use those rooms. Large group use of special cabins: $42 per person per night – Catholic school groups $37 per person per night.

 Bede House  ____________

Salmon House: __________                                                                       

River Room: ____________

 Cascade Room: _________


For any special considerations for large groups for “all rooms” contact us.



 Observance of the following is required of all groups using the facilities at St. Benedict Lodge. The "CONTACT PERSON" is responsible to see that everyone in the group is aware of the following conditions of use.


Please be sure that members of your group know that they are not to bring pets to St. Benedict Lodge.  Service animals, of course, are allowed.


 Use of alcoholic beverages must be strictly controlled and supervised. It is the responsibility of the group to see that all participants adhere to this rule especially as it pertains to minors.




         Smoking is absolutely forbidden in all of the buildings. This is an insurance regulation.  NO CANDLES, INCENSE OR ANY OTHER BURNING SUBSTANCES ON SECOND FLOOR. Evidence of violation of this rule will result in the group being fined $350.00! No Exceptions!

      You are reminded that tampering with the smoke detector is a serious matter and may be punishable to the full extent of the law.

 Smokers! The Gazebo (by the start of the River Walk trail) is the best place for you – covered from rain, but not near any entrances where second hand smoke can bother people.


All groups using St. Benedict Lodge should be sensitive to those around them and observe the following:

Loud talking in any of the buildings in the early morning or late night disturbs those sleeping on the second floors. Singing in the showers is to be discouraged. Personal Stereo Systems must be used with ear phones.

The group should establish a reasonable curfew. Minors are not to leave the living area after 10p.m. or be left unsupervised at any time.

           Guests at St. Benedict Lodge are asked to be courteous when walking on North Bank Road and not to   trespass or scatter trash on neighbor's property. Allow cars easy access as they drive by. Groups of youth should be courteous in the small General Store.


Bedrooms are for the use of overnight guests only.  Each guest will be held responsible for the state of the room upon departure - especially its temperature. Rooms are individually heated! Do not leave your door wide open when the heat is on. Please leave the heat turned off when you leave at the end of the retreat – but even if you will be out of it for a long time during the retreat. A list of each room's occupant{s) must be provided by the responsible party upon arrival.


Minors are not to be left unsupervised anywhere on the property. A reasonable indoor curfew should be in place so that minors are not up all night. Rough-housing, especially in the bedrooms and hallways, is not allowed.

 At least two adults must sleep on the second floor of each building and be responsible for the supervision of minors. No individual adult may sleep in the same room as one minor except for parents.


Please keep redeemable and recyclable cans & bottles separate from other trash. All kitchen garbage must be put in the large dumpster or proper recycling containers. We do “composting!” Look for the appropriate bucket in the kitchen. Make every effort to compress you trash so that it fits in the dumpster.

  Articles for re-cycling should be placed in proper receptacles according to posted instructions.

Disposable Diapers should be placed directly in the large dumpster located by the kitchen and should never be left in small wastebaskets where unpleasant odors can be produced.

  Since we operate on a Septic System your - consideration about what goes down the toilets is  appreciated. There are receptacles for the disposal of sanitary napkins, etc. next to all the toilets.


There is no parking on the driveway or on any of the lawn areas adjacent to the three main lodge buildings. You may unload your cars on the main driveway by the A – frames, but you are asked to park in the lots which are located by the entrances and marked: LODGE PARKING.


Each group that uses St. Benedict Lodge is responsible for cleaning up before leaving.  This includes the bed rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and dining room as well as all the public areas that were used. A check list will be provided which details the clean up procedure. A $150.00 cleaning charge will be made to a group who leaves the place a mess. Normally the "Contact Person" and one of our staff check out the buildings and grounds together before the group leaves.



ST. BENEDICT  LODGE, a Roman Catholic Retreat and Conference Center owned and operated  by the Western Dominican Province Inc., reserves ·the right to determine the scheduling priorities and terms of its use at all times.

To secure your event on the dates listed above, please sign this agreement, keep a copy for yourself, and return the original with the required deposit.


       I, the undersigned, on behalf of the above named organization, have reviewed the information on this form (and any accompanying pages) which spells out the responsibilities of persons using St. Benedict Lodge.


I further certify that I have assumed the responsibility to see that all persons in the above named group:

* Agree to abide by the rules and regulations as specified.

* Agree to pay the designated fees as noted

* Agree to pay for any damage to St. Benedict Lodge property resulting from and in any way connected with your use of the facilities as requested above.


The above named group shall be responsible for the supervision and activities of all its  participants at St. Benedict Lodge, and for any injury or damage incurred as a result of their use of the premises. This same group shall hold St. Benedict Lodge, the Western Dominican Province and the individual members thereof free and harmless from claims which result from lack of supervision of the above named group's activities  unless such loss is the direct result of St. Benedict's negligence or willful misconduct. St. Benedict Lodge shall be responsible and hold harmless the same above named group for injury or damage caused by our negligent acts or hazardous conditions that are not usual or incidental to a retreat center at the location and condition of St. Benedict Lodge.




                                                                                 DATE: _____________________


SIGNITURE BY CONTACT PERSON or          ___________________________________


                                                                                 DATE: ______________________





    A deposit of $400 is necessary to secure your reservation. They are often rolled over to reserve your next retreat.  Please sign this agreement and keep a copy for yourself. Return the original with the required deposit to St. Benedict Lodge.